Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too Much Work, So Little Time

Don't you hate when that happens? When you have so much work to do and so little time to do it in? I sure as hell do. I have deadlines to meet, assignments to complete, people to spend time with, projects to complete.. and don't have enough time for it all it seems.

Of course my school work comes first and foremost. I have assignments do tomorrow, a Final Exam to start on, two chapters in Finance to figure out by the 25th, and two study guides to complete by the 25th. These I must do before anything else.

I also have a Web Site to finish (Sorry Charlie), and I promise I will get it done before summer hits. I have several scarves to knit and a shawl to finish as well. I do those when I need a break from studying. Usually my breaks last way too long though.

As for people.. I need to spend time with David and Charlie.. online of course. And then there is Nad, who wants me to come by so he can spend time with me. yeah we all know what he wants. And I still have to make time for myself, my kids, my family and various other people who wander into my life two days a week.

I need a vacation. I wont have much of a summer this year, I have to take two classes and I am also being forced to spend a weekend with 6 members of my family, cooped up in a small camper trailer for three days and two nights. The classes I can handle but the family I cant. Hopefully my class will interfere with me having to go with them that weekend. I am really really hoping it will anyway.

Its midnight so I need sleep, have to get up early, take the kids to school and then come home and try to do my work that is due by midnight.

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