Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Orders to be taken...

Alright, I've been working my fingers to the bone.. ok maybe nnot to the bone but the first few layers of skin cells, but I have been knitting scarves and shawls.

I have decided that if anyone wants a Skull & Crossbone scarf or an Alien Head scarf (picture to come soon), I will take payments of $20 for them. If you wish something else knitted, just let me know what you want, what colors you want it in and if I can find a pattern for it, I'll see if I can do it then contact you with a price. Yes I know yarn is cheap, but time and shipping isn't. Plus these items are hand made, not something a factory machine spit out in a few minutes.

I will soon be posting a pic of a triangular shawl I am knitting for a woman.

Yes, I expect payment before delivery. I will supply pics as I make progress on the order so you know I'm not stiffing you on it.

Hope to get some orders soon. (Knitting is my form of stress relief since I cant get laid enough to release stress.)

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Azreal Fallen Angel said...

Hmm if I was closer I'd be helping on one of them more often *Laughs*.