Thursday, February 14, 2008

Zen and Life

Well, I have decided to try and start studying Zen. Yes I know, whats a freak like me doing something like that for? Well it's simple actually. I have nothing but chaos in my life. I need something calming since I have no meds for my bi-polar. Plus it might be fun to meditate and do nothing for a while. It will really be fun to let the asshole catch me meditating and him freak out over it.

Life... well lets see.. it still sucks. My friends from Virgina are getting divorced. But I'm still in contact with David. Melinda left him three days ago and today, of all days, called him wanting him to come sign the divorce papers. She left him for another man after 18 years.

My school seems to be going well. I am student teaching at Cross County High School. My class teacher seems good. The principal scared the shit out of me the first day. And then there is Coach Wade. He is from Texas. They grow them big there and I hope to get a piece of him. Damn he is fine. But who am I kidding, I'm not even close to being on his level, but I can dream.

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