Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things Turning Around..... For Some

I have a friend in Virginia.. well two friends, a married couple.. this is not a good time for them. They are having financial troubles during the holiday season and I have tried to help as much as I can. I even sent money for them to get the meds they need this past week. Mel was ready to give up, she was going to stop even bothering with anything at all.. but today she messaged me.. telling the most awesome thing had happened, a friend of hers brought them presents and cards, within the cards was money that was well needed. $150 was in the cards.

I kept telling her that things would get better, she just needed patience. Noone believes me though, am just a crazy woman. ~shrugs~ I dont want to brag but I did tell her I would make sure things went good. My "gifts" went to work for her.. perhaps that had something to do with her friend bringing the money and gifts.. perhaps it was just coincidence. Who knows. But I am glad Mel and David are doing better now.

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