Sunday, June 22, 2008

A month...

Well, its been a month since I have posted.. several things have happened..

I been working like mad on this King Size quilt that I am making.. hardly making progress on it.. but it is coming along. I'll post pics tomorrow probably.

The most important thing is that for the past 2 to 3 weeks I've been tending to some kittens. A week after they were born (6 of them, three orange, two striped, and one peach) the mother disappeared. After the first day.. one had died.. an orange one. We brought the remaining 5 up front where we could keep a better eye on them. Two days later another one (an orange one) disappeared. I had been bottle feeding them three times a day, using a warm wash cloth to wash their faces and eyes. Three days after the second one disappeared I found half of the third orange on the ground across the yard.

From this point I had three left.. the smallest of the whole litter was peaches.. the peach one.. she died three days ago. She was just too small and too weak to make it. I have tired so hard to save these kittens. Yesterday, the fattest of the remaining two lost his eyes. I call him Porky. Both were too infected and I fear the infection has went to his brain. He staggers when he walks, but most of the time he just lays there. I finally got him to eat this morning, and his brother Piggy is the healthiest. This evening, just after dark, I went out to check on them. I found Piggy coming towards me but something was wrong.. he was dragging his hind legs. He was fine three hours earlier. I picked him up and got blood on my hands.. he had two puncture wounds on his back. I think the local Opossum got a hold of him.

So now, after three weeks of tending to these kittens, three weeks of being surrogate mother to them.. I am losing them all. This is yet another way to prove there is no God and that everything I touch and care about turns to shit, dies, or leaves me.

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