Monday, April 28, 2008

My Only Friend...

I have a friend and her name is Samie. She is like my only friend here. yes I have friends over the internet but she is my only friend that I can actually spend time with.

She moved here from Arizona just before Christmas of last year and I met her just after. We seem to have a lot in common even though we have had our misunderstandings. But that is what happens with friends. I am glad she is talking to me again. We spent practically the weekend together talking about things but we were with our families. And Tuesday we are going to spend the day together, just she and I.

Since she has been here, it seems everyone she gets around just lectures her about what to do and not to do. I believe she likes me because I listen, she talks about her troubles and I listen without telling her what to do. I relate to her as well, telling of things that happened to me that is similar to what she has gone through. Most people in My family don't realize that sometimes people just need someone to listen to them, to say they understand and are there for them. Instead they think they should tell people what to do and how to do it. Samie and I aren't that way.

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