Saturday, April 12, 2008

Binxi the Cat

I have a new addition to my family. Ok, so Binxi really has a new addition to his. Binxi is about 8 weeks old and is near solid black except for a bit of white in his ears. His father is a 20 pound male domestic cat and his mother is a small Siamese cat.

At night we put him in a cat carrier so he don't poop all over the house.. or get into things, but is already litter box trained. When I go to bed, I tell him to go to bed and nudge his butt and he goes to his box. I have to leave a light on or he will meow all night.

He has so much character. Ok, the kitten has picked me as its person. I have been claimed. He follows me all around the house, lil bugger can climb up on my queen size bed and stays there while I am on my computer, he sleeps in my chair at the dinner table.. I found that out cause I sat on him today.. he wasn't hurt luckily.

He meows at me when he wants picked up so he can sleep on my chest. And when I am holding him and he wants down he will meow at me again, a different meow and I put him down and oddly I can tell his let me down, I'm hungry, and I have to use the litter box meow, he even has a "pay attention to me" meow.

Now he sleeps in my bed all the time. He stays at my side, in my lap, on my back.. or anywhere else he can attach himself to me at all times possible. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Welcome to My home Binxi. Just stop clawing my feet when you feel the need to.

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Azreal Fallen Angel said...

*chuckles* so cute, sounds like you've found a good friend to help you keep calm and focused on good things.