Thursday, August 5, 2010

A soul lost

Well, I moved into my new house 5 weeks ago. It was all good until tonight. Four weeks ago I got a momma cat and her two kittens from my mom. A picture will follow. I named the kittens Juno and Marrock cause they was brother and sister and took care of eachother. Three weeks ago they got sick, I took them to the vet and they got better. Juno was the one sickest. This week they got sick again. Marrock was the sickest this time. I took them to the vet, spent $125 on meds and tests for them and tonight, about an hour ago, Marrock died. I cried, and William is still crying.

Marrock is the darker of the two kittens. He was barely over a pound when he died. So, I found a shoe box, wrapped him up all gentle like and closed the box. I took him outside and burried him under the pines trees in my back yard.


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