Sunday, January 10, 2010

Computer Broke

Oh, and I havent mentioned it yet but on December 15 my computer decided to go on the fritz, December 20 my internet went down. On december 28th I sent my laptop off to be repaired and on the 29th the internet people made it to fix my net. I haven't got my laptop back so have to borrow my mom's husbands til I get mine back.

My posting will get more frequent but not until my computer is returned, which I am calling on tomorrow.


Marrock said...

So your fingers are broken and you can't dial a phone to let me know you're still alive?

I don't think I beat you enough...

Silly bitch. :P

Juno Volsung said...

Well, my phone that has your number in it died months ago but if you gave me your number again I'd probably call sometime.

Nope, definately don't beat me enough *grins*