Sunday, April 26, 2009

Awards.. but not mine

Alright, I know I have been slacking on my posts here but whats a girl to do when she is dealing with juvenile delinquents 5 days a week? Yes I am doing my internship at the worst high school in the state. But, on a good note, I only have 7 more days there then I graduate on May 9th. Woot!

As the title of this blog goes, it's about awards. Alas, not my own but those of my spawn. My youngest got an invitation for a summer enrichment camp (That one must be nominated for). The program is designed for Academic Achievers who are well disciplined and eager to learn. It states that "campers will work on higher level thinking strategies and have 4 days of educational fun as they become part of the Royal Court learning the historic game of chess while battling such topics as the history of the game, rules and strategies, knights, castles, and the mystical stories which have surrounded the game for centuries."

I think it is wonderful my 9 year old has been selected for this, but he will not get to participate for two reasons. 1) Its costs $105 for the four days and I don't have it, and 2) his grandfather don't believe in letting him or anyone participate in extracurricular activities.

My eldest, on the other hand, has been invited to attend the 2010 People to People World Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. Selection for this conference is based on the academic recommendation of valued and respected educators. His was recommended as an outstanding student with high academic standing and promising leadership potential. We will be receiving more information on this in the next few days.

He wont get to attend unless I have my own place by next summer. If I do, then I will make sure I find a way for him to go to it. And I will also make sure my youngest gets to go summer camps as well.

This is all I reallly have to write about. So will try to most more frequently.

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