Monday, October 13, 2008

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Well, I know I was going to do a song a day but that didn't pan out.. lol. But I am working on lots of things all at once. People are amazed at how I can even do it.

1. I have school, four classes, and tons of work in them.

2. I am knitting a set of two scarves with ducks. They are double sided, reversible. One side is brown with green ducks and the other side is green with brown ducks. Will post pics when I get time.

3. I am crocheting, yes, i am still working on it, the Hunter and Spring green king size quilt. I have actually asked for some help on it so I can get it done already.

4. I am also knitting another scarf. Remember the Skull Illusion scarf? I'm doing another one, that is shorter, and it is in bright pink and black.

5. My last project is a crocheted Betty Boop Afghan. It is 4 foot by 6 foot roughly. Will post pics of it as well when I get some progress on it.

6. Let's not forget the family.

My knitting and crocheting lets me relax from the trials and tribulations of school and family.

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