Monday, September 15, 2008

Burning Flesh & Nipple Decor

Ever smell flesh burning? I did tonight. it was my own.

Tonight was making cornbread. Homemade kind with flour, cornmeal and all that. The way we do it is make up the batter, put some oil in a 12" cast iron skillet and warm the oil before putting the batter in

Well when it got done I was pulling it out of the oven, William was in the way so I told him to move and he moves right in front of the counter where I was going to set it, so it was either drop the pan on the floor, wasting the cornbread and splattering hot oil all over me and William or just hold the pan in hopes William would move, well he moved and I spilled hot oil all over my hand and the counter, and the floor, the pot holder slipped and I burned the hell out of both my hands.. my right is the worst with a nickle sized blister among lots of tiny blisters on the pinky side of the hand and the left hand has one small blister and is real red..

But on the good side, I did get a present today. My Charlie made me some beads. I love them, I of course wont put a pic on here of them in use, but will have a pic of them. I do love them!

Aren't they pretty? My favorite colors too, green and purple.

Now its time to sleep.. I tried taking a pic of my hand but the blisters aren't showing up on the cam and my hand just looks red.

Goodnight cruel world and the evil that lies within.


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