Thursday, May 15, 2008

People are not what they seem

Well.. I learned a hard and hurtful lesson tonight. People are not what they seem. Someone I cared for, actually loved betrayed me tonight. I went out of my way and then some to help him, to be there for him.. to listen, to talk, to be a shoulder to lean on.. but I was not appreciated.

Why is it that when someone gives all of themselves, they get nothing in return except to feel used? I was used and it hurts.. it hurts deep to care so much for someone only to find they could care less for you. It is in my nature to care.. I can't help but to care for those I meet.. I guess that is my achilies heel. My heart is the one thing that can destroy me. If I could cut it out and hide it away someplace I would. But instead I have to live a life of hurt, pain, and constantly getting my heart broke.

I wish it would stop.

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