Friday, October 12, 2007

A bad week..

Today I feel like crap.. I'm 30 years old and think I'm going through "The Change" early....

I've been so tired this past week... despite how much I have rested.. I dont know whats wrong with me...

I'm so stressed.. I have a presentation to do, a paper to write.. a test that I failed.. a lesson plan.. frameworks.. it never ends.. just when I start on it something else has to be done or I'm wanted elsewhere..

I need a vacation.. one away from everyone I know.. ok maybe not everyone.. I'd take Harold with me.. and us go someplace neither of us has ever been and just stay for a month.. but then that wouldn't be long enough.. It wont happen though.. not in this lifetime

1 comment:

Marrock said...

Eh... don't worry about the "change" thing, it just means you don't do the monthly bleeding thing anymore.

And age is just a number, I never let it bother me any.